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Virtual Bookkeeping
for Online Creatives!

"I want to streamline my bookkeeping processes so that it doesn't take up so much of my time."

"I have a bag full of receipts but no time to organise them!"

"I've just signed up to Xero but have no idea how to use it"

 "My tax return is due but I'm not sure what I can claim as an allowable expense?"

"I am taking a decent income and I have money in the bank but I have no idea how well my business is actually doing or how much tax I will owe?"

"I hate bookkeeping so much that I've been putting it off for months, now I have a huge back log"

If this sounds like you then whether you are a freelancer, just starting out or a well established business, I can offer a comprehensive end to end bookkeeping and advisory service to suit your requirements.

I offer different pricing packages depending on the needs of your business and the involvement you want to have, so there will be no nasty surprises at the end of the month.

As a virtual bookkeeper, I use a number of different cloud-based platforms such as Xero, Hubdoc and Zoom to enable me to be connected to you and your business wherever you may be located.

Some of the benefits of cloud-based platforms is that they save you time with automation and allow you access to view your financial information in real time from anywhere (well, as long as you have an internet connection)!

FREE Bookkeeping Cheatsheet

Want to know the best process for getting your bookkeeping under control, I have a checklist and calendar that will help you. I even use it for my own bookkeeping!


Monday - Friday: 9:30am - 4:30pm*
Saturday and Sunday: Closed
*Excluding Bank Holidays

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