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What is a Virtual Bookkeeper?

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

A Virtual Bookkeeper is an accounting professional who carries out bookkeeping services completely remotely from his or her own office. We operate in much the same way as a local bookkeeper but we work using cloud based software and we attend weekly/monthly meetings virtually via Zoom.

You may find that a Virtual Bookkeeper is more suited to your business than a local bookkeeper if you too operate your businesses sales online or perhaps you are a Freelancer offering appointment services. Freelancers and online businesses won't usually have an office or space suitable for a local bookkeeper to work in which makes them the more obvious choice of client for a virtual bookkeeper. You will be required to send your invoices and receipts digitally, saving you time and travel costs in delivery paperwork to your local bookkeeper.

Virtual Bookkeepers usually have extremely slick systems in place for processing data and completing your bookkeeping online. Invoices, receipts and even statements can all be uploaded in to your data entry software digitally, they are then reconciled against the transactions that are pulled in to your accounting software using automated bank feeds. Virtual Bookkeepers will use a number of cloud platforms that will each integrate with one another to form the virtual bookkeeping process, this is also known as a tech stack.

Here is an example of my tech stack:

Hubdoc - Data Entry

Xero - Bookkeeping

Trello - Project Management

Zoom - Virtual Meetings

Dropbox - Document Storage

Your virtual bookkeeper should be an extension of your business that is always on hand to take away the stress, give you back your time and help you to grow your business affordably.

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