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My Mission

  • My mission is to work with you as part of your team and make your life as easy as possible so far as your accounts are concerned.

  • My goal is to keep your costs low and your benefits high whilst contributing to the success of your business.

  • My work is driven by my belief that your bookkeeper should add value to your business by saving you time and money, improving your profits and increasing your confidence in your numbers.

  • I aim to provide you with support you need by phone, email and zoom

  • I WANT to hear from you when you have a query, an issue or even some really exciting news that you can’t wait to share.

Whether you are a new business or have moved over from another bookkeeper or accountant, you may be wondering how we can work together remotely. To keep things nice and simple, I have covered the 5 main areas of the process and what is required from each party below:


Depending on the level of your Xero subscription, you will also be given a subscription to Hubdoc which will be used to upload your receipts and invoices in to Xero. This is done through either the Hubdoc app on your phone to take photos or if you receive invoices by email you will be given a dedicated email address that you can forward them to. Hubdoc can also be linked to most cloud storage databases so no need to keep hold of all that paper. Just snap it and shred it.


With Xero you can get automatic bank feeds from your business bank accounts so that you can keep on top of reconciling all incoming and outgoing transactions with the invoices and receipts you have already uploaded through Hubdoc. Its as easy as that and because we will both have access to Xero, you can decide how much of the work you want to do and how much assistance you require from me.


Now just because I am a virtual bookkeeper, doesn't mean that you'll "virtually" never hear from me. In fact, its quite the opposite, not only will I be contactable by phone and email, we will schedule regular virtual meetings via Zoom. My service to you includes advise and assistance, so don't be afraid to get in touch with any questions you have.


  • If you are doing your own bookkeeping then I need you to commit to having your accounts up to date at least every quarter in preparation for our virtual meeting via zoom.

  • If I am doing your bookkeeping then I need you to commit to upload or forward any receipt or invoice as and when you receive it in order for me to keep your accounts up to date on your behalf.


  • I will be clear and understandable

  • I will be trustworthy and dependable

  • I will be flexible and accessible

  • I will always support you

If this sounds like the kind of relationship you would like to have with your bookkeeper, then book a call with me and I look forward to discussing your needs.



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